Donary Products

Donary Mobile

This is literally the Cadillac when it comes to payment terminals. its user friendly yet super advanced. It allows for impeccable record keeping for fundraisers on the go.

Donary Desktop

Give your event the face of sophistication. The Donary Desktop allows for a seamless experience. Get your guests checked in within minutes. Avoid all the unnecessary hassle. The Desktop does all the calculations and multi-tasking for you.

Donary Portal

The event is over… Another long day has come to a close… Now What? The Donary Portal stores it all. It’s where you can access the vital information necessary to have your efforts bear fruit. You can now use this as an accurate reference guide for future opportunities.

Donary Payment Site

Donors can now give their share with comfort and ease – our payment site offers a clear and personalized experience, including campaign needs.

Donary Phone

For some the Phone is the way to give - our advanced IVR has it all Payments / Recurring / Campaign Status plus more.

Donary Dashboard

Keep the crowd on their toes attach your large screen or projector via HDMI to the Donary – dashboard. Allow for all donors and donation to be broadcasted live at the event while the numbers keep changing and the anticipation grows.

Donary Services

Donary Customizing

Creativity is our forte. You think and we create – with your exclusive interests in mind.

Donary Integration

Integrate our system with your current data to keep you abreast of all the intricate information and the goings-on of your operation.

Donary Accessories

We carry a full line of accessories for all of our products.


The Donary Mobile has your back!

With the Donary Mobile you can focus solely on your primary tasks like establishing new contacts and maintaining good relationships as well as have a very clear way to know which direction brings you the results you need.

Accept any form of Payment
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
    • Swipe
    • Manual
    • EMV (WIP)
  • Check
  • ACH
  • DAF
  • Custom Gift Cards
Print Professional Receipts
  • Tax deductible with Tax ID
  • Custom Logo
Scheduled Payments
  • Credit Card
  • Payment pick up
Follow ups
  • Simcha
  • Appointments
  • Yartzeit
4G LTE Newtork
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile Networks
  • Wifi Connect
Intelligent Auto Offline
  • Immediately saves transactions if no Network
  • Single Transactions process upon Request & network available with receipt
  • Automatically process all pending when network is stable
Area & Location Tracking
  • Automatically detects a locations change
  • Set Shul Name based on location
Payments History
  • Recent Transactions
  • Option to include or exclude other Device's history
  • Transactions by Donor
  • Reprint Receipt
Open Balance
  • List of All Open Balance
  • By Donor
  • By Due Date
Search Donor in
  • Your Private List
  • Donary Global List
Search Donor by
  • Credit Card Name (via swipe)
  • English Name
  • Hebrew Name
  • Address
  • Phone number (with or without area code)
  • Combined search
    (ex: Friedm Bedfo, Zurec Maple, 5992500)
  • Sort by Location (will show “Moshe Friedman” lives closest to your current location)
Multi Currency
Multi Language
  • In Shuls
  • At Events
  • Office Visits
  • Yeshivos
  • Kollelim
  • Save on printing raffle books
  • Dont lose sold books
  • Sell raffles to the last minute
  • Digital Draw or Print Tickets for a manual draw
Event Organizers
  • Dinners
  • Parties
  • Campaigns
  • Track Income by Reason (Mikva, Coffee, Wine…)
Purim Mobiles
  • Let them accept credit cards +
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Track donations live by Donor, Timestamp & Location
  • Print “Total Raised” on receipt
  • Team Selection
  • Print “Team Total” on receipt
  • Play Total/Donation on Donary Phone
  • Show Total/Donation on Donary Dashboard
Transaction are immediately available on Donary Portal


  • Desktop Terminal
  • Numeric Keypad/Swiper
  • Receipt Printer
*Also available to purchase
  • Dinners
  • Campaigns
  • Parties
  • Exhibits
  • Registrations
  • Badge Printing
  • Accept Payments Fast and Professional at your Event in any form, Cash, CC, Check, DAF certificates, custom gift cards etc.
  • Gifts and Raffle Tickets with Picture of Gift
  • Payment Details Report right after Event, to Import to your system, saving on manual entry
  • Report of People who did not show up or gave less than previous Event, for immediate follow up
  • Donor can pledge and signup for Monthly payments
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi Language
  • Print “Total Raised” on receipt
  • Team Selection
  • Print “Team Total” on receipt
Transaction are immediately available on Donary Portal

Condense all the hundreds of details involved in launching a fundraising event. With the Donary Desktop’s exceptional features customized specifically for your event type. The preparation prior to events and the event itself will be smooth sailing.


Any information that has been entered into our system is automatically synced to the Donary Portal. When you get back to your office after a day’s work or event you can track it all by the click of a button.

See your numbers as they rise in Pies and Charts from different angles
  • Payment type
  • Collector
  • Areas
  • Locations
  • Channel
Maintain your list of Donors
  • Import and Export your lists
  • Manage Phone numbers & Emails
  • View Donor’s Payments & Transactions
  • Add/Edit/Delete Donors
Manage and view payments in any way or shape
  • Manage and view payments in any way or shape
  • Advanced Search capabilities
  • Instant filtering option
  • Add/Edit/Delete Payments
Design and maintain your custom Tickets
  • Receipts
  • Gifts
  • Raffles
  • And more
Know what you need know at your fingertip
  • Standard reports
  • Your own customize reports
Maintain your Event features at your convenience
  • Receipt Numbers
  • API Keys
  • Campaign Goals and Timelines
Manage Donary Products on your clock
  • Turn Features on/off
  • Maintain Data Plans